5 Characteristics of a Top Rated Drug Rehab

When thinking about going to a drug addiction rehab it is often a very stressful time in life and it may be tempting to just go to any rehab. While going to any rehab is probably better than not going to a rehab at all, it is most certainly beneficial to slow down long enough to find a rehab that will give you your best shot at a successful recovery.

When looking at which rehab will be best for you there are many things to consider to put your time and money to their best effect in rehab.

Addiction and the individuals it effects are all different and so there is not likely to be one type of rehab that works the best for everyone. Because of this, while one rehab may be very good for one person, it may not be right at all for someone else. The rehab may be a great rehab but for that person, it is still not the right choice.

For this reason, it is important to research the treatment methods employed be each rehab you consider and decide if you think they will be a good fit for you. You can do a lot of this research online, but it can also be very helpful to actually call the rehab and find out all of the details of their program.

When you do find a rehab whose program you like it is important also to read reviews of those who have been through the program to make sure that they do deliver on what they claim.

There are some features of top rated rehabs though that no matter what overall method of treatment they employ, you should look to find to ensure that you are getting the highest quality treatment with the best overall chances of success.

These are qualities that you can ask about to help you determine the potential quality of the addiction rehab.

Rehab specialties.

There are many different drugs, and addiction to each is different and requires a different approach and skill set and training for the people who administer the treatment.

Drug rehabs will often specialize in one or more specific types of addiction treatment and it is important to make sure that they specialize in the treatment for the drug type that is needed.

A high rate of success.

A good rehab will have a comparatively high rate of successful treatment.

In general, this is the truth, but you may need to dig a little deeper to determine how the rehab defines success. I rehab may have higher success numbers if they determine success by the number of people who complete the program or stay sober for a month. Make sure that you agree with the definition of successful treatment.

It should also be noted that addiction to different drugs is not an apples to apples comparison. A high success rate for one drug may not indicate a high rate for a more addictive and harder to treat drug or substance.

Aesthetic and comfortable facilities.

This may seem like a secondary concern but the less attention you need to put on your comfort or surroundings during treatment the more you can focus on your recovery.

A strong support system for after treatment.

Recovery from addiction doesn’t end after rehab is over and neither should your support. A quality rehab should have a system in place to provide help and contacts for those they have helped through their program.

Assistance with job placement.

Having a job can be a large factor in an individual’s ongoing sobriety. Not only does a job provide financial stability and independence, but it also holds the person accountable to a schedule and productively fills time that would formerly have been taken up with drugs.

Well trained and caring staff.

As the staff of a rehab are the people who will actually administer the program and care for the people in it, it is very important that these people be experienced in addiction care and be caring in their manner. It may be hard to get to know the staff before attending a rehab but you can get a feel for it talking over the phone, and you can get more info by looking at the reviews of people who have been through the program before.

Support and inclusion of families.

Families of addicts are almost always very strongly affected by their loved one’s addiction and a top rated rehab should have support available for them to help them understand and come to terms with the addiction.

It can also be helpful at times for family visits to be a part of addiction treatment. This is not always the case and it is best to follow the recommendations of the rehab administrators.

These are not necessarily all of the qualities of a top rated rehab, but a rehab with all or at least a good majority of them is most likely a quality establishment.

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